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Light and Soul

Light & Soul is an opened window on human inner turmoil and aspirations. More than a spiritual quest, it is also an exploration of the relationship of man and the primitive elements of his space-time environment.













In this work, Sofie Dieu questions our relationship to our environment and our responsibility towards it and the future generations. By focusing on the essence of the being and its biotope, this series of work attempt to make visible the human instincts.


Started in 2013, Light and Soul includes an interactive light installation, video projection and paintings.

"When the history will be finally conceived as that of the human soul, it will forego artificial chronological divisions, and, restoring generations their role and importance, it will wonder about problems so far neglected, especially that of the "progress", the ceaseless transformation of souls. This will be the "turning points" that it will have to attempt to explain, rather than simply recording them, without though defining them.”

Christian Sénéchal (Le rêve chez les romantiques – 1886-1938)

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