exorcism and white dress, what's in it?

The Costume Research in Australasia conference is taking place from the 14-15/11 at the Graduate School Centre for Contemporary Performance Ideas, at the National Institute of Dramatic Arts (NIDA), here in Sydney.

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I have been invited to talk about my 'white dresses' and since I have been making them for the last 4 years or so, I thought I'll focus on the evolution of these recurring and ritualistic objects in my practice.

You can see the different projects that involve my dresses THERE

Made of pre-loved garments, they first played an immersive, protective and static role. I use them as pivotal point around which I structure narratives of hardship and eco-anxiety. These narratives take place in videos such as above or they are being performed such as for the opening of my solo show at East Gippsland Art Gallery in March 2018 (more of that in a future post).

Enriched from 20th century female artists' work such as Louise Bourgeois' clothes installations or Pina Bausch's early works, these dresses demonstrate the importance of costume making as a feminine medium in today’s visual art scene.

So far, little has been written to cover the specificity of dresses as ceremonial costume from their creation in the artist's studio to being performed during happenings.

For this conference I will talk about the place that such object occupies in my work, and will indulge myself speaking about healing, bounding and exorcising processes!

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