Road map to success

About this time last year, I was feeling quite overwhelmed with all the great things I wanted to achieve. I called out for help and an artist friend (bless you Katy B. Plummer!) put me in touch with Kathryn Gray from Enabling Entreprise.

Thanks to the Muses, I was saved.

Kathy is specialised in supporting entrepreneurs and artists just like you and me, so I want to tell you how we worked together as I'm convinced it will help you too.

There was so much I needed support with, I had to narrow it down to two main areas only: - first, I had to get myself organised to work ahead of deadlines (rather than running after them) - second, I desperately needed to figure out how to make it "out there" as an artist (the easy bit...)

With Kathy's help, I developed a Road Map to Success. You too should create one, especially since Kathy generously makes it accessible for free. Though I would like to precise that it is the combination of Kathy's guidance and this document TOGETHER that really worked for me.

Yes indeed, at first I admit, I was a bit perplexed at the view of this road map. You know what I mean: who ever told you that artists had to be down to earth? Isn't the myth right about being totally impractical, messy and somehow success strikes effortlessly? Hummm... So there I was, asking myself the right questions: what is my vision and goals as an artist? Who is my audience? What do I get to offer and why is it so special? There was so much I had never thought of and being able to bounce my ideas off Kathy was priceless.

A year later, I am still using this document, updating it as events, encounters and opportunities keep on adding to my journey.

Kathy also provided me with a yearly/monthly/weekly time line where I can see at once what is ahead of me. This has saved me from running after deadlines and I can easily plan my yearly goals. I update it weekly, being so user friendly, it takes 10 minutes max. I now work 6 months ahead and I have space for last minute offers (such as being able to add a workshop or a small show to my schedule as it recently happened). All I need is in this one document, accessible in a click.

... oh the joy of being organised!

Kathy also has available on her website a list long like my two joined arms of resources, tips and tools. Go have a look, I bet you will find so much inspiration there.

A few months ago, I grabbed the opportunity to participate in Kathy's Story Telling online workshop which led me to entirely review what I am doing with this blog. That is where the idea of sharing my art resources with you all come from!

Now this is the IMPORTANT BIT:

As an artist living on the financial edge of life, I needed to move forward and quick. I invested the little I had then for these one-on-one support sessions. Still today I can't believe how much I got out of it.

And because you are even luckier than I am, Kathy has put up a Clarity Now Offer just for you my dear artist fellows. Be wise and book your appointment now.

Lastly, I would also like to thank Kathy for her fantastic suggestion of running my own workshops. I took the great leap only a few months ago. It wasn't an obvious thing to do at first (my previous attempt had been disastrous), but this time the difference was that I had a clear vision of what to do, where to go and how to make it happen.

If like me you need a little help to get things started, contact Kathy, she is warm, approachable and super pro. You will save brain space and time!

Born in France, Sofie Dieu’s first encounter with art was through church. With a penchant for ritual and spirituality, the artist is best known for her fragile, sombre, and sometimes violent ink paintings and textile works.


Poetic and humanist, her practice draws on her journeys to China and Australia. She explores how identity and memory fluctuate according to their immediate environment. Landscapes, people, secrecy, healing, and the dichotomy between light and darkness are some of her recurring themes.


Multi-art prizes and award finalist, her work was included in the Sydney North Art Prize, Waterhouse Natural Science prize and the Contemporary Art Award amongst others. In 2016, she worked on the Camperdown Cemetery installation for Sydney Biennale. In 2017, her work will be shown during Vivid and Mental Health Month in Sydney.