The flying poem

This week I have received an e-mail called " the flying poems".

The message asked me to email a poem that has changed my life to about 20 people. I chose the Albatros from Beaudelaire. Maybe it will change someone else's life for the best too?

In exchange I received poems from people around the globe.

With the recent political events, the true lack of grace and beauty that fostered them, this correspondance has been, in contrast, much welcomed.

It also happens at the same moment when I am working on a collection of poems that I intend to publish this year.

... a sign?

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Born in France, Sofie Dieu’s first encounter with art was through church. With a penchant for ritual and spirituality, the artist is best known for her fragile, sombre, and sometimes violent ink paintings and textile works.


Poetic and humanist, her practice draws on her journeys to China and Australia. She explores how identity and memory fluctuate according to their immediate environment. Landscapes, people, secrecy, healing, and the dichotomy between light and darkness are some of her recurring themes.


Multi-art prizes and award finalist, her work was included in the Sydney North Art Prize, Waterhouse Natural Science prize and the Contemporary Art Award amongst others. In 2016, she worked on the Camperdown Cemetery installation for Sydney Biennale. In 2017, her work will be shown during Vivid and Mental Health Month in Sydney.