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Sofie Dieu has a Bachelor in Textile Design and Sculpture. In 2016, she graduated from Montpellier III University with a Master in Visual Art and Contemporary Practice. She currently teaches design theory at Monash University.


Sofie's collaborations include working with the Black Dog Institute and the Victorian Immigrant and Refugee Women's Coalition as well as local councils across Melbourne. Her work has been extensively shown in Melbourne Eastern and Western Suburbs, Gippsland and New South Wales.


Since 2019, Sofie works with immigrant and refugee women. Together they co-created a collective embroidery work as part of her project Longing for Home which has been exhibited in New South Wales and across Victoria. Since 2017, Sofie works with Gippsland communities affected by bushfires and drought. Her work culminated in the publication of Stillness Through Art, a Guide to Over-come Eco-anxiety. She is a multi-art prizes and award finalist.


Born in rural France, Sofie Dieu is a culturally and linguistically diverse visual artist. She engages with under represented communities to develop her multimedia projects. Her art lies at the intersection of womanhood, healing and spirituality.


Through textile and poetry workshops, Sofie gathers Australians' narratives. In the bush, she performs these personal stories and records them through photography and video. She later edits and paints these digital works in her Melbourne studio.


Sofie's artworks focus on what shapes us, being our struggles as much as our hidden beauties. Profoundly poetic, her art gives voice to those who otherwise stay unheard.

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