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Lantern Carriers

When we find ourselves in the forest, we are cut off from home and from the outside world. If we let the forest play its magic on us, soon our imagination will run wild and tales from our childhood, with its strange and magical creatures, will resurface.


The stories we all know happened «  a long long time ago », but what about nowadays, what can these same stories tell us ?


This work is a call out to anyone who forgot about their childhood, their fear of the dark, of being left behind. Anyone who forgot about the time it takes for a forest to grow, about the poetry and beauty of such place. Anyone who needs some quiet and light into their too busy urban life.


There are 10 Lantern Carriers. Made of clay, these small sculptures talk about the major role our forests play in our eco-system and how with the legends they carry, they form our cultural heritage.


If we do not preserve our forests and if we forget to pass on our knowledge about them, what will be given to the next generations ?


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