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Water Ritual


With the support of Multicultural Women of Victoria (formerly known as VIRWC), I met weekly with fifty migrant and refugee women over 45 workshops. Together we embroidered a dress with symbols representing our home, our roots, our longing, our womanhood, beliefs and memories. I took this dress to the mountains of the Jaitmatang people, in Falls Creek, where the sky and water meet.



In the creeks, by the falls, I wear this dress and the many voices of the women embroiderers hold me while I dance, in communion with water, with nature, with life itself. In the bush, I am at peace.

Eyes closed, I listen to my heart and how my every cell vibrates with the river and the sky above me, I let the water I am made of synchronise with the water I step in. In a trance-like state, I enter in connection with nature and let it heal me.


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