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Often I am asked which material to use when it comes to ink painting. There is no short answer as everyone has different tastes and habits, but if you are new to ink painting, my recommendation is to choose an entry ink and inexpensive watercolour paper block. Go for beginner brands as suggested in this document, but don’t go for the cheapest one either as bad quality paper will not let the ink dance, instead it will sink in and will look very flat.

When it comes to brushes, use brushes that are meant to hold liquids, no dough. This means that synthetic brushes are good for acrylic, gouache and oil paint, but not for ink painting. Have a few brushes solely dedicated to ink and keep your nice watercolour brushes aside. The ink is difficult to wash off and might very well murk your next watercolour artwork.

Here is an overview of which black and white ink to choose, as well as getting the right paper to get you started.

Now it is time to invest in a few brushes and perhaps also a dip pen. Here are a few suggestions

Have some rags and paper towel ready, wear dark clothes or better, an apron as the ink will stain your clothes for good. Cover your work surface with newspaper, use recycled containers to hold the water and ink... that’s it you’re ready to create!

This content is created with the aim to support the creatives starting their ink painting journey. I hope you have enjoyed this article and that you find it useful!

Please share it with your circle and friends, or leave a message below. You can also join the inktober community on Facebook or find my ink painting online classes on Skillshare

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