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Longing fo Home, Stories of First Generation Australian Women is the result of a collaboration with New Australian women. Victoria. 

Between October and November 2019, artist Sofie Dieu organised a series of embroidery workshops in the cities of Kingston and Monash. This Community based project aimed at acknowledging first generation Australian women through their creative work and social connection. 


Every week for 8 weeks, each session was attended by 50 women. Together with the artist they talked about womanhood and displacement, the joys and difficulties to make Australia their new home. They found so much in common despite their different background and age.

In the context of immigration, they teased out the emotionally charged meaning of home, and draw on personal narratives and creativity to translate our own experience. This book tells their personal journey through embroidery and text.



115 pages, half include photos and illustrations

Soft laminated cover



Ship worldwide

Longing for Home, Stories of First Generation Australian Women

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