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Workshop series at the Blue Mountains Cultural Centre

"Sofie Dieu’s workshop has been truly inspiring and fun. Wish it was a longer event"

Karen Vernon


Over three Sundays, a series of 3hour workshops have been delivered at the Blue Mountain Cultural Centre, the last one happening this Sunday!


Ink techniques, embellishment, experimentation on various paper types have taken up most of the time, though we still managed to squeeze in some esquisite corpse inspired game (left picture above) and a revisited version of klecksography (picture on the right, above).

This is the 3 hours ink workshop hold at the Blue Mountains Cultural Centre on the long weekend of Easter.

Surrounded by the best view of the National Park, we explored wet on dry and wet on wet techniques, ways of creating marks, how to apply gold leaf and layer white ink with pen and brush.


I am always fascinated by the different paintings coming out of my workshops. From abstract to mark making or landscape paintings, there's always so many surprises and unexpected results. Believe me when I say that I learn as much as my students do! It is an endless source of discoveries.

Mind our Mangroves

This workshop took place at the Kokoda Education Center, in Canada Bay.

A special thanks to Ju'eta Amir from the City of Canada Bay and to Chichi Braken from Artspark

Ink at Sydney Community College

Michael Terkildsen's work
Lynda Jennings's work
Inge Terkildsen's work
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