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Abstract ink in Malvern

Malvern Artists Society has a gallery right on High street and if you snuggle through the back there is a large, sky lighted art studio with access to a small garden. Yes, it is quite a place!

I spent a whole day leading artists and creatives through the different techniques I use in ink painting for abstract.I always find it fascinating to see where people are taking the techniques I share with them. It's unexpected and so refreshing.

With Fiona Cupido who manages the society we have been talking about the possibility to run some ink painting classes... more news soon, keep an eye out for my newsletter

Box Hill Art Group

turns into a jungle

A big thank you to the participants of Box Hill Art Group's floral session for making that day so special.

I have rarely witnessed such productivity during my workshops, it was truly impressive! The rendering with white ink and gold leaf was done such tastefully, each painting becoming more detailed in a personal and vibrant way.

If you live nearby Box Hill, get in touch with them, they are easily approachable, well organised, super creative, and most importantly, they are so enthusiastic about art... and ink painting!

Paint me flowers

at Arnold Street Gallery

Bendigo has been so dry and dusty, it is nice to be inside the gallery, surrounded with flowers and ink for the day.


Susan McMinn is managing the gallery and has helped me organising today's floral ink painting workshop. We are a small group of 8, from which 3 art teachers and a lucky birthday girl, Sadie. We are all passionate about art and ready to make most of our time today.

After learning basic ink painting techniques for the background, we created two textured paper sheets on which to play later on in the afternoon. I am impressed by everyone's ability to paint flowers. It is not an easy task, even less with the 5 min only imparted for each study!

This afternoon is dedicated to personal art work and as I am writing, things are beautifully loosening up.

Abstract ink in Warrnambool

Today is my lucky day as I am in company of a small crowd of practitioners. Small numbers mean more time with each other and I see this as a treat.

The workshop is taking place in the building of the Factory Arts, with Shari Nye from Warrnambool School of Arts who has organised a fantastic room for the day, with natural light pouring e.v.e.r.y.w.h.e.r.e. 

Above are some pictures of the experimentation and artworks created.They reflect our talks about freedom and letting go during the making process. 

FLOAT ink workshop

While I was in East Gippsland, Lake Tyers on Tuesday the 24th of April, I met with FLOAT members. I had the pleasure to demonstrate and talk to them about my paintings.

There were many talented artists and creative thinkers among the participants and I was thrilled to be given the opportunity to run a workshop with them. This is a short video of the premise and what we accomplished that morning.

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