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Shorty-nk at

Cannery Arts Centre

Kimberley has helped me organising everything so smoothly for today's short workshop that I can't wait to be there! Waking up with the sun, I rumble with my cup of coffee until it is finally time to go.

This workshop is a shorty, 3 hours to play with inks, it is intense and action packed, there is no time to loose.

We start experimenting with a few backgrounds before playing with the silhouette of a few native plants... we are ready for the big leap! There is just enough time left to create a personal work that will combine the favourite background technique with the painting of one's preferred plant.

The result is stunning and each personality shows through the final work, what a bliss. Thanks Cannery Arts Centre for supporting this creative moment!

Floral ink at

Vancouver Art Centre

Vancouver Art Centre welcomed my first floral ink painting workshop of this West Coast series... and oh it was fantastic!

A total of nineteen highly enthusiastic participants joined me on the day. One by one they arrived with arms full of flowers and native plants. Brushes, watercolour paper and pots of all shapes were carefully placed on the tables... the workshop could start.

After a few background techniques experimentation we learned how to deconstruct and reconstruct the design of a plant. Each person studied a couple of flowers before moving on, in the afternoon, on their personal work. Working on handmade textured paper or watercolour paper, the creativity run wide.

Thanks to everyone for making this day full of fun and experimentation!

Two days in Denmark