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S.Dieu, Longing for Home dress, background artwork is Connecting the Islands

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Longing for Home talks about womanhood and belonging, it is a Community based project that aims at acknowledging first generation Australian women through their creative work and social connection. In the context of immigration, they teased out the emotionally charged meaning of home, and draw on  creativity to translate their own experience. 


The project includes the embroidery work of 50 new Australian women. Living in the City of Kingston and Monash, they took part in a series of embroidery workshops between October and November 2019, with CaLD artist Sofie Dieu. Their embroideries were sewn together to create a 3.4 meters diameter dress which has been performed by the artist. The artistic outcome of this performance is a series of painted photos and a video.

This 2 year long project was made possible thanks to the support of the City of Monash, the City of Kingston, Falls Creek Arts and Culture, Kingston Arts Centre, and Multicultural Women Victoria.

The result of this collaborative project was exhibited between 2020 and 2021 in Victoria at Kingston Arts, CS Gallery, the Track Gallery and in New South Wales at the Hurstville Museum and Gallery.


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